Meet Juulia

MBACP Counsellor, Edinburgh

Hi, I’m Juulia.


I’ve been working in mental health for what feels like forever but there was a time when I had very different plans for my career. Seventeen year old me might be a touch disappointed I did not become a lawyer in a pink power suit similiar to Elle Woods from Legally Blonde.

I normally introduce myself as a bit of a cultural cocktail as I have lived on three continents and 8 countries to-date. As a result my accent is ‘generically North American’ though my passport says I am from Finland.


I am no stranger to big  life transitions and obstacles, and my own experiences of having to re-orientate and pivot are what have led me to becoming a therapist. Supporting others to learn the skills they need to cope and manage their own transitions has become a passion of mine and drives my love for the work that I do.


My approach to therapy is very much like my approach to life; The aim is to learn to be flexible and meet the needs that come up. That means I draw from a number of different approaches when I collaborate with clients and really value my clients input into what the right therapy for them should be. If you are ready to learn a little bit more about my professional qualifications, then click the button below my photo. 


I have been in Scotland for over 10 years now and Edinburgh has become my home. When I am not wearing my therapist hat some of my favorite activities include dabbling in a bit of art, sofa karaoke and watching Masterclass.

Please ask me any question using the contact form below and if you feel ready to start making a plan on how we can work together, book an initial session with the button below.


I look forward to connecting with you soon,



45 Frederick Street, EH2 1EP


Phone: 07898269955

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